Importance of a Website for your Business - 5 years ago

As a business owner, its important to know where you consumers are. But what if consumers know of your business but want to learn more about what you can offer and can't reach you? That is a risk you take when you do not have a website for you business.

Imagine you had just approached a potential lead at a meet and greet networking event, you would naturally introduce yourself, your business and talk about what you can offer and how it could benefit the consumer but most importantly you wouldn't leave without handing out your business card. In this day and age, if your business is lacking a website then you are "leaving the potential lead without handing them your business card" so to speak.

You may already have a website for your business and that's a great start but it is easy to overlook just how important your website is to your business especially if your offered services are developed offline.

Your Website at a Glance

Consumers will judge your business based on your website, from how fast your business website loads to the design and content. These are important factors to take into consideration and even if you are not technical minded it is easy to understand how this effects your business.

People Don't Like to Wait

The world of business is more fast passed than ever before, consumers don't have the time to wait for your business website to load huge images and masses of content. If you was on your weekly shop and had to wait for the shelves to be stocked every time you entered the isle, needles to say you would drop everything and go to a different store, the same applies.

Attract the Right Consumers

Anyone can whip up a website these days and throw it online, easy right? Wrong. Sure you have your services listed and your contact details, maybe even a few photos too but if your business website hasn't been strategically developed and looks cheap then you more than likely wont be targeting your desired consumer base.

Most importantly, your business website speaks volumes about your business and services with design alone, simply put if it looks cheap then consumers expect your services to be cheap, that is if they can grin and bare to reach your contact details.

Consistent Brand Identity

Your brand identity as you know is as important to your business as the tools you use, apply it to your business website design. Consumers should know they are in the right place without having to read a single word and should recognise your website in the same way they would recognise your work van.

Your Sales Pitch

Remember your business website is accessible 24/7/365 and purposely developed for you to talk about your business and services. Keep the content light but informative, answer questions that your consumer may or may not have realised they wanted to ask.

It's a tricky balance to perfect but content doesn't always need to be boring old word's, be creative with images and videos, engage your visitors sensors. After all, people would rather spend 5 minutes watching a video that showcases your services than reading about it for the same length of time.

Bottom Line

A website for your business is cost effective, convenient and apart of your brand identity. The more professional your website is the more benefits you can gain.

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