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Client Control Panel

Client Control Panel
Collaborating Directly With TidyDev

We have put a lot of love and consumed an equal amount of coffee developing our Client Control Panel (CCP), our aim was to make it quick and easy to monitor the projects we are developing for you.

Although traditional forms of communications such as Email, Phone, Skype and of course face to face meetings are still available sometimes as a client you just want to have a sneak peek to see what is being worked on.

With our CCP you can do much more then that, you can share files and messages directly with our developers, like wise we can do the same and share concepts for you to approve ( and disapprove ) throughout the process of development.

Taking It To Another Level

For Project Managers

Client Control Panel
Manage Your Clients Projects With Ease

The TidyDev Client Control Panel is not all what it may seem, we use this daily to track projects we are working on and it has increased both client communication and production times ten fold!

Realising how easy this made life for not only our developers but our finance manager too we decided it would be selfish of us to keep this fantastic application to ourselves, if your company managers a lot of clients, projects, invoices and/or companies then our Project Management System is for you.

Think of it as an elegant concoction of all the things you need to manage a business that has many companies with many contacts with many projects with you... Just take a look over some of the features listed below!

  • Full Project Management System
  • Collaborate Directly With Clients
  • File & Document Sharing
  • Invoice System
  • BitBucket Integration
  • Manage Companies
  • Assign Clients To Any Company
  • Logo Upload
  • Company Notes
  • File & Document Sharing
  • Arrange Meetings
  • Client Management
  • Profile Pages
  • Assign Clients To Companies
  • Message Clients Directly
  • File & Document Sharing
  • Personal Events Calendar
  • Generate Invoices
  • Add New Invoice Types
  • Track Finances Such As Outstanding Invoices
  • Works With Finances Automatically
  • Confirmation Email To Client When Settled ( Receipt )
  • Bookkeeping Made Easy
  • Realtime Search
  • Settled Invoices Add Automatically
  • Add / Remove & Monitor Incomes & Outgoings
  • Robust Filter System
  • Print Records With Ease
  • Your Finance Manager Will Love It!
  • Easy To Use Task Management
  • Priorities Each Task
  • Task Progress States
  • Assign Your Team Members To Multiple Tasks
  • Drag and Drop SCRUM Board
  • Your Developers Will Love It!
  • Customised To Fit Your Brand
  • Wow Your Clients With Your New App
  • Designed By Our Team
  • Customer Support
  • We Can Add Custom Features To Suit Your Needs
  • API Integrations
  • Relation Driven Database
  • Laravel Framework
  • AngularJS UX
  • RESTful API

Client Control Panel
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