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Starting a new business is a really exciting time for anyone but can be expensive to get your business online and ready to go. Starting a business can be one of the most daunting and stressful experiences. Having a website that is cost-effective should make it easier for you eliminate some costs at the start. This is why here at TidyDev we have put together 2 fantastic startup website packages that won’t break the bank!

Many new startups struggle to create their website because of the overwhelming cost. We settled on the idea that what these start-ups need to succeed is a well-designed website and not just a website. Starting with our Startup Package’s, we sell affordable package’s with basic blog content that includes custom domain name and everything required for the sponsored business ventures.

We’re here to help make your startup dreams come true with fully functional websites that are easy to update and maintain, giving you time to focus on the work you love.

Startup Package’s are best for entrepreneurs who are in search of reliable web presence without investing too much into it. We provide credible and professional online identities plus everything needed to sustain them in order to encourage more investments by customers and potential partners alike.

All our startup packages come with 1 year free hosting powered by and a free .uk, .biz,, .com, .info, .net or .org Domain.

Startup Website Startup eCommerce Website
Startup Website Package Startup Online Store Package
£500.00 £800.00

Get your new business online with our Startup Website Package

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